A Journey

I recently bought Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes and finally I have the time to crack it open for a read. Going through this I thought it may be a fun experience to journal my thoughts as I engage with each chapter and I thought some of you might want to join along.

I bought the book because sometimes I find myself wondering just what biblical womanhood looks like. I thought this might be an interesting read to see what was her interpretation of ‘biblical womanhood’ Anyways here is a brief outline of what to expect in the upcoming weeks.

  • Discipline of the Gospel
  • Discipline of Submission
  • Discipline of Prayer
  • Discipline of Worship
  • Discipline of Mind
  • Discipline of Contentment
  • Discipline of Contentment
  • Discipline of Propriety
  • Discipline of Perseverance
  • Discipline of the Church
  • Discipline of Singleness
  • Discipline of Marriage
  • Discipline of Nurturing
  • Discipline of Good Deeds
  • Discipline of Witness
  • Discipline of Giving
  • Discipline of Grace

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