When There’s Hurt.

Today was one of those days for me and I know that we have all had those days when it just hurts. Whether it is relationship troubles, the loss of a good friend, or other situations that hurt us I think that it is universal that there will be times and days when you hurt. Oftentimes we find other ways to deal with this hurt; we eat our way out of a grocery store, we exercise to ‘get more fit’, we tell every person we meet our business. For me my usual day is to have a Father of the Bride marathon stocked with pretzels and Dr. Pepper. Everyone copes differently but no matter how you cope it doesn’t make the hurt stop it just distracts you enough to deal with it. So what should you do when you just feel hurt? Church answer is to go to God with it. But the real question is how?

1. Admit your hurt.
A lot of people will just brush off the fact and pretend to not be hurt when indeed they are feeling pain. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging to God that you are hurting. He knows it anyways. Tell him your hurt, tell him why your hurt, explain it all to him. He would love to listen.

2. Admit your insecurities.
When you are a younger adult you find that a lot of your hurt comes from insecurities about your future. You are hurt by losing a best friend or a significant other and the real source of your hurt is that you are insecure about what the future is bringing. It is A-OK to dialogue with God about your insecurities. How can you begin to tackle them if you ignore that they exist? This requires you to think about the real reason that you are feeling hurt. When you figure it out lay it out there for God. When you are specific with yourself you can be so much more effective for prayer. For example: a conversation that starts about the loss of a significant other from your life can be then turned into a much more fruitful dialogue about trusting your future love life to God. If you hadn’t thought about the deeper meaning you’d just be sitting there moping about the situation instead of learning and growing from it.

3. Acknowledge God’s desire too redeem for good.
What ever situation you find yourself in God wishes to redeem for good. You hear this a lot in conjunction to the story of Joseph and his brothers selling him into slavery. Sometimes you feel a lot like Joseph going from trial to trial and you wonder where God is. No matter what trial you face God wishes to redeem it for good. If you are secure in that knowledge you can find that hope in every situation that you are placed in. It helps to remind yourself of this too as you are now moving from talking about your insecurities to recognize that through this situation God is working out good-Now!

4. Choose to trust- Daily.
You wont be magically free of your hurt in one night. It is a road of steps taken towards trusting God daily. Everyday when you decide to trust in God’s plan over your plan you take one step further from your hurt and closer into his comfort. Choose to trust him daily and begin to experience this divine comfort in a whole new way! Sometimes this is a small step such as simply talking to God and verbalizing your trust. Sometimes this can be a huge step such as choosing something God points to you instead of your own choice. Forsake your earthly knowledge and urging for his heavenly wisdom.

5. Be encouraged by God’s Word.
Get that bible out and read it regularly! It is chock full of encouragement and comforting word from God straight to you. I could go on and on about how I have arrived to a certain day’s reading and found that it fit exactly to a situation I was dealing with.

6. Pray.
Keep the line open with God as you travel through the day. Talk with him as you go about how you are feeling. Feeling especially down talk to him about it. Ask him to help you see the good in a situation. Ask him for his help he will always give it to those who are in need! Pray for yourself, pray for others, and have others pray for you. Never underestimate the power of prayer!

As you go through this week if you are feeling down please bring it to God! He is the only one who truly knows each and every one of us down to the core.

God bless you this week.


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