Summer Update – Mount Hermon #1

I am so sorry for the delays in posts guys! Moving up to work and training has been so crazy that I have scarcely had enough time to take a break. From here on out I will try to be more consistent with posting now that I have Internet set up! Instead of my usual lengthy posts from the fall most of this summers posts will be spent on updates, pictures, and musings from working here this summer.

Working at Mount Hermon has been great these past few weeks! The kids are wonderful (VERY energetic) and the staff is wonderfully friendly. I don’t think I have had a negative interaction with anyone this far. All my worries about not being adequate for my job are now gone and I feel like I have settled in at last!

We are now at JEMS week which is my favorite week of the summer! The kids are so great! Our bible studies have been real quick because none of te girls will talk they are so shy. So O have been ripping up paper and asking them to ask questions via anonymous notes. It has worked brilliantly and we have seen some awesomely deep quotes: “how does Jesus work in your life?” And “is jesus really your best friend?” I felt prompted today by the spirit to ask if anyone wanted to accept Jesus into their lives and three girls rose their hands! it was so beautiful. I am so thankful God used me to water a seed.

Something that I have been musing on and realizing more and more is that God is completely sovereign. There is not one thing that does not work out for his purpose. Because God is working with us to the completion of his plan we can walk boldly relying on his strength to “take care of the sheep”. If our God is for us who can stop us? (No one)

I have heard the analogy of a child jumping off a diving board confidently knowing his or her father will catch him in the water about three times this week. I definently have learned a lot about filling the bump and go of the spirit and replying on Gods strength and not my own and that doesn’t necessarily mean waiting to feel better but to confidently “jump off the diving board” and speak his truth even in my weakness and trust that God will work through it. — And he very certainly did today and now there are three more citizens for the kingdom! So awesome!! Walking confidently into the rest of this week! How are you guys doing? Expect more updates later!


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