Can you love too much?

“He said “Love…as I have loved you.” We cannot love too much.” 
― Amy Carmichael

I recently had the pleasure of reading “A Chance to Die” by Elizabeth Eliot on the life and legacy of Amy Carmichael. I heartily recommend it to any person who would like to read about missionaries, the power of prayer, or living a christian life. Amy Carmichael was a person who believed in truly living out what it meant to be a christian and in the power of prayer. Over her 55 years of ministry she never once asked for money yet always received donations for the exact amount that she needed. God is great!

One other thing that this book has done for me is really cause me to look at how I am living my life. I can admit sadly that at times my focus of showing God’s love falls on certain people (the children in my ministry, their parents, my family, my friends) yet I often fail at being a loving being in the way that I ought to be. We are called to an evangelical faith, a missionary faith and the way that we share the good news with others is by how we treat others.

After much prayer and thought after reading the book I personally have decided to devote some time serving those people that are not usually high on my love list. If you have trouble moving forward in your life and don’t seem to know how to get to that next level think of the phrase “know love, show love, grow love” it was the old motto of my first church but it really fits in this situation. First you must know love (what love? why the redeeming unalterable love of God and Jesus Christ) without that knowledge you will never move anywhere. Second you must show love. Often times I had it mixed up. I thought that I needed to grow into a more loving person before I could show others the love I ought to. Wrong! You must show love in the ways that you ought to and in this way you grow in love.

This week remember to know love, show love, and grow love.

“A person can give without loving, but no one can love without giving.” -Amy Carmichael


May God Bless You This Week!



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