Share the love: It truly is contagious!

loveOne of the worst feelings in the world is the feeling of being someone’s afterthought. I think that this all stems from the very desire that every person has to be loved.

Something that I have been thinking through is how is it that certain people respond well to certain trials, problems, and such but others respond not well. How is it that one person can be in a relationship and break up and be fine but another person breaks up and is devastated and becomes depressed? It all goes back to this idea of love. If you don’t have a support system of love around you of course you aren’t going to respond well to affliction. No one wants to feel alone.

Who is your support system? Who are those people that are actively involved in your life and support you? If you are having a hard time thinking of anyone then it is time to start building those relationships up. An important question to ask if you are having a hard time thinking of people is who do you love? Who do you support?

It is important to remember though that you are NEVER alone. You always have one person who loves and supports you. Irregardless of what you do, how you do it, and how you treat anyone this person still loves you. Do you love him? Do you trust him to support you?

I know that it was a long hard time before I was able to say that I truly trusted him, that I truly loved him. Now that I know my love of God I know with certainty the calling that I must pursue: “to love thy neighbor” This is the calling of all Christians. And the interesting part of this is that it brings this whole idea full circle.

When you take the time to recognize that perfect line of love and support you realize that you are to be that line of love and support to your neighbor. When you do this you become part of the support for others and help them to recognize God’s love and support as well and it all starts again. This model of love is truly contagious! And it is beautiful.

So what should you take from this? The encouragement to the reason to love. Show love to one another each and every day! It truly and really does make a difference. How and where are you showing love in your days?


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