Working alone in ministry: Jesus didn’t try it so why should you?

volunteersThis is the first in a series of three posts on ministry pertaining to your team and church attendance and such things. This first post is going to focus in on one topic: Leadership Teams. Because you cant do it alone neither are you supposed to go it alone. This is something that I have certainly learned through working in ministry. The moment that you try to do everything on your own is the moment that you begin to fail. This is a tough lesson to learn but it is also good because every leader needs to learn how to delegate responsibilities. So here is what I have to say about being a leader.

1. You can’t go it alone because….. leadership means you need to lead someone. If no one is following then you are merely taking a walk. In church ministry you are always leading SOMEONE. In Children’s Ministry you are either leading the children, or you are leading volunteers, or parents looking to help.

2. You can’t go it alone because…. you will burn out quickly. Ministry require a lot of work. If you don’t know that yet then chances are that you just started or it is about to hit you soon. There is so much more to ministry than planning schedules and leading kids. There is picking curriculum, recruiting volunteers, planning large events, evangelizing to kids of the area, pastoral care, communicating with parents, etc. There are endless things that you are supposed to do. If you do not delegate and have a team there to support you then you are going to burn out very quickly.

3. You can’t go it alone because…. you will make silly mistakes. The kind if silly mistakes that you could have easily avoided if you had discussed your plan with any other human being and they told you their opinion.

4. You can’t go it alone because… Jesus didn’t try it so why should you? Seriously look at Jesus’ ministry throughout his time on this earth? He had his team of people there to support him. He equipped them so that they would be prepared to take on his work at the end when he ascended up into heaven.

If we want to have a successful time in ministry we ought to work like Jesus did and that wasn’t alone. We need a team!

What kind of team??

Look at Jesus’ team. He had his larger group of followers (3000+ people) whom supported and listened to him teach. And then we had the disciples whom he traveled with and taught. And finally he had his three disciples (James, Peter, and John) whom he took with him places other disciples didn’t go and who did special things with Jesus. If we take this example we see there are clearly three different teams of support that Jesus had. How does that translate to you as a worker? Well if you think of the three different groups then it will make a little more sense.

1. The outer ring: This is the general support. The Church Congregation.

2. The middle ring: This is the people whom you take along with you and are teaching. The Volunteers who help you with your ministry.

3. The inner ring: This is a smaller group of people whom take a special journey with you.

It is important to have all three rings of the circle. Each fulfill different duties and each are needed. If you are to succeed you will need to have that inner circle. Pray and think about what people you can have to take along with you on this journey through ministry. They need to be people who you can trust and who can pray with you through the ups and downs of ministry. Those people that will praise with you and be a listener when you need to vent.

The second-most important group that you will work with will be your base of volunteers. The next post in this series will be about gathering volunteers and how to retain them once you got them. If you would like to read a book on this I would highly recommend “Volunteers that Stick” by Jim Wideman or “Rock Solid Volunteers” by Larry Fowler.


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