How worrying ruined my weekend.

worryThis is not a whole long post and there is no image to accompany it but I was struck by something today ad I just had to share it with you all.

As many of you know I am struggling through final papers and exams as well as trying to find volunteers for Fall in the children’s ministry. I have just been in panic mode the last couple of days but I have been praying that God would lead me to the right people for the jobs and just waiting on him because on my own I am not finding anyone! Ha. So in a little crazy moment I turned to 1 Peter where he is talking about living the holy life. Now I didn’t actually read it because my brain was frazzled but I did think about living a holy life in general and I remembered that the Bible tells is many times not to worry because God loves us so much and protects us. Well I am a little ashamed of all the worrying I have been doing lately and I decided that I would put out a little blurb on the church page that we were prayerfully looking to fill some volunteer positions for the fall and leave it at that and go take a nap to relax.

God is so great he always provides! I seem to be hard headed and forget but he always provides and takes care of me when things get tough. This is not the first time that God has let me know that I am worrying too much and I am afraid that it is not the last. What a great God that he patiently endures our worry, our mistrust, our amnesia towards his provision!

How has God provided for you lately? In the little and the big God sees it all and takes care with tender hands. Have a great Sunday guys.

May God Bless You This Week,


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