James Also Thinks You Have A Patience Problem

james5Hey Guy’s, how is your Sunday? We start a new week and for many of us it is the week before Dead Week. As we start this dead week we finish out James! It was only 5 short posts but the small book sure had a lot of a message to pack in! Today we finish with James 5. If you have not had a chance to read it lately please check it out here where you can read it online.

While the first section 5:1-6 and the last section 5:13-20 have a lot to say today we are going to zero in on the middle section 5:7-12 which talks about patience. Since patience is something that I struggle with a lot I thought why not delve right in? Do you struggle with having patience sometimes?

Many times we are ready for something right away. We expect our fast food to be ready when we hit the window. We expect our texts to be sent directly. We expect that our drives should be fast (California driving at least). And if things do not happen fast we are not happy. We grumble, we complain. How many times in a restaurant have you given less of a tip because your server was just plain slow? Myself, I am horrible when it comes to patience. If I am at dinner I will complain to the manager if my waiter is slow. If my packages get mixed up and I don’t get them in the 1-2 days I pay for I submit a complaint, etc. It is just ingrained in our cultures that we should have things our way in our time.

That is totally different than God’s way. His time is so different than our time and yet we like to box God into our time. We pray and don’t receive an instant answer we feel discouraged. We are treated unfairly and there is no answer (seemingly) from God and we feel like the world isn’t fair. Etc.

Imagine these older Christians. They are being persecuted because they are claiming that Jesus Christ was the one savior who would return to the world with judgement. They were being persecuted for this view don’t you think that at least one of them had the idea “Jesus why can’t you come back now?” All they needed was for Jesus to come back and show all their oppressors that they were speaking the truth. They were certainly impatient.

But James tells them to be patient. He brings up Job and how through his patience he was rewarded and that just like the farmer waits patiently for his crop they ought to also wait patiently for their “crop”. He goes on int he last section to talk about the prayer of faith. He states that the prayer offered in faith will be answered. He does not say when or how. He just says that it will be answered.

Have patience and have peace knowing that any prayer offered in faith will be answered. Don’t we serve a great God that we can be assured that he cares and hears all our prayers and furthermore that he takes time to answer every single one?

I hope that as you start this week you are encouraged in the fact that God loves you that much. Reflect this week on what areas of your life could benefit from some patience. Have a wonderful week!

May God Bless You This Week



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