Faith AND Works: What’s the Relationship?

James2How was your Wednesday guys? I hope that it was a good day! I have to admit that I am extremely tired today so I apologize if this post is shorter than usual but there is a lot to say about James 2. If you have not read James 2 go ahead and click this link to read it. The text is split into two sections: [1] the sin of favoritism and [2] faith and works.  They both have a good deal of things to say to us in our lives.

[1] The Sin of Favoritism: This is an especially relevant theme for today’s world. While the main divisions that divided the early church were those of Jews vs Gentile and Rich vs Poor there are many different divisions today. The text says that to show favoritism to the rich over the poor is a sin for after all didn’t God “choose the poor to be rich in faith?” Consistently over the course of the Bible God has chosen the most unlikely of people to do his will. Who are we to say who and who not will be chosen to do Gods will? It is important that we do not show favoritism when it comes to God’s people. It is very interesting when I take a minute to remember that all people on this planet have a purpose and a place in God’s plan and to think that we sometimes try to step in the way of that plan with our idea of what or what not a person can accomplish.

[2] Faith and Works: The main section of this text deals with the correlation of faith and works. James is likely addressing a question from the Jewish Christians. Some are saying that the way to salvation is merely through works and good deeds while others are saying that it is through only faith and not deeds at all. James is trying to help them figure out just what the relationship is. He tells them that they are both wrong. He states that works without faith is useless as is faith without works. He states Abraham as an example: ” You see that faith was active together with his works and by works faith was perfected.” and “You see that a man is justified by works and not by faith alone.” I found a good quote and put it on the image for today from Martin Luther. He states that “faith cannot help but do good works constantly.” We see that good deeds are a direct result of faith and through good deeds our faith is made perfect.Thinking about this correlation is very important to us as Christians. Want to have more faith? Do more good deeds. Want the means to do more good deeds? Have more faith. Such a simple idea yet beautifully complex.

Think about this week: have you shown any favoritism among the people you interact with? How has your faith and deeds impacted life? Like yesterday with James imploring the people to be do-ers not just hearers your faith should be impacted by what you learn. You should be do-ers and through your deeds in faith your faith will grow.

May God Bless You This Week,



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