When You Can Feel the Distance.

distanceTomorrow is the biggest church service that any church has and we are ready for it! Any prayer for tomorrow’s children’s service would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway’s it is the Saturday before Easter and between watching movies and playing games it has been a pretty chill day. Potato salad for the Easter feast is in the refrigerator and ready for consumption when we celebrate Christ’s resurrection.

I try to find a place where God has been moving every day and I have to tell you that today was harder than usual. Some days are easier than others and some days it just feels like there is nothing to grab from. Normally this would be alarming but I always remind myself that it is normal to feel distant from God. It is a natural condition that is a result of the fall. What I have to tell myself it to continue to cling and seek Gods presence because he is always there regardless of my feelings.

I can’t help but wonder how the Disciples felt after the crucifixion. It is Saturday the day that we historically hold as the day before Christ’s resurrection. But for the disciples how did they feel? They had just followed this man who had been murdered, they did not know what was going to happen, all hope of this earthly king were lost. If anyone was still hoping in the earthly conquering king saw their hopes shattered. There had to be this anticipation this collective breath-holding as they all waited to see what would happened. You had to wonder if any of their faith faltered. It would seem some did as they felt desperately out of hope. After being so close to Jesus for his ministry they were all torn away from him and didn’t know when or if he was coming back.But he did! And all the disciples got to be with him again until he ascended into heaven.

Just like the disciples had their time of waiting and anticipating God’s presence- we do as well. There will be times where we do not feel close but we just have to hold on. Keep doing God’s will and as long as we are on His way we can expect to encounter him. (ha that last sentence sounds so C.S. Lewis-ey, or John Bunyun-ey)

Take a minute to think about times when you have not felt close to God and how you have responded to that. I am thankful that Christ chose to save me even when sometimes my faith falters and I do not always remain on His way. I am thankful that he shows us the way to do His will.

God Bless You This Week



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