Good Friday Thoughts

Today I watched a great movie on Netflix. I recommend it to anyone looking for a movie to watch. Not for the acting but for the story and the idea they are trying to get across which is the great love of our God. The movie is called “Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea” It is all about- you guessed it- the story of Hosea.

In case you have no idea what the story of Hosea is let me give you the extremely short version. Hosea is a great book of the bible to read if you have some spare time. In the book of Hosea there is a prophet (surprise! named Hosea) who tries to tell the people all about God’s anger and sadness that His people have turned aside to false gods. The people aren’t listening and are confused even hostile to Hosea’s harsh words of judgement during their “prosperous times”. Ad-mist all this God tells Hosea to marry a women named Gomer. Gomer is an adulterous women and even though Hosea loves her she eventually leaves him for another man and Hosea can really relate to God and how he feels about Adulturous Israel. Eventually Gomer upsets her “new boyfriend” and is to be sold into slavery. Hosea takes everything that he has and buys her back.

Seriously Hosea is a bible book that I hadn’t really liked or considered before but it is quickly growing on me. I really love the parallel between God and his people and Hosea and Gomer. Again you can read the book of Hosea in the Old Testament and it really can connect to the whole overlaying story of the Bible. Just as Hosea took everything that he had to buy Gomer back God took everything that he had and bought us back. (Christ on the cross) it is a beautiful -sad but-  beautiful story.

Which brings me to you. Tomorrow will be Good Friday where we will mourn the death of our Lord and Savior. But this death is not in vain and we know that we have something to be happy for on Sunday when we worship and praise Christ for his Resurrection. But for now I think that it is good to think on Christ’s death. He died for our sins as the payment for our adulterous ways.

In what ways have you been a disappointment? Where do you feel lacking, like your not worthy of God’s love? A lot of times you keep your deepest sins to yourself afraid to let them see the light but God already knows all of your iniquities and he is ready to embrace you in open arms. In desperation Hosea asks himself how is it that God can love Israel even though they have sinned against him because he doesn’t know how to love Gomer knowing her sin and he comes to a conclusion. “You love Israel even though they sin because your love is not dependent on them.” This Friday take a moment to reflect on God’s unending love and to be thankful that God’s love does not depend on us and how we are.

May God Bless you this Week.



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