Things to think about on Wednesdays.

Today it is really hard to think of something that is really speaking out to me today. It was a pretty chill day just relaxing, playing some video games, watching some movies, etc. As I try to think of how today has been a growing day there isn’t much to say. I am somewhat addicted to these shows called Fatal Attraction and I’m Alive. Both of these shows are on Animal Planet and they talk about dangerous animals. In Fatal Attraction people have these addictions to different dangerous animals (poisonous snakes, lions, cheetahs, chimpanzees, etc)  and eventually get attacked or killed by them. In I’m Alive different people find themselves in bad situations after being attacked by dangerous animals and find the inner strength to overcome and survive.

Why do I bring this up? While this show can be pretty dark they do have the universal truth. Things can happen outside of your control and you find yourself in a close death encounter


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