Top 10 Moments in Ministry This Week.

My Top Ten Favorite Things About Working With Children This Month

  1. Organizing a whole room and watching the kids run around using what you set up.
  2. Marty: “God loves purple pancakes with extra salt!!”
  3. Getting to know all the fellow volunteers.
  4. Listening to the 4-5th graders sing the worship song in the classroom after we had finished singing it outside.
  5. Watching their creativity as they created anagrams of “Grace” “God’s Really Awesome Candy Everywhere” hahaha
  6. Watching a volunteer jump right in and play games with the kids.
  7. Getting the chance to fill in for a teach and teach the 4-5th grade class.
  8. Watching a child who is always quiet open up and start talking to you…all the time. Seriously a talker now I LOVE IT.
  9. A child who routinely cries due to sensitive feelings not crying that week because she had such a great time and felt protected by the volunteer friend she has.
  10. A child who never talks raising his hand  and waving it to proceed and tell the rest of the class the most profound part of the lesson.

There are many many many more reasons that I love it. But I am lucky I get to see God moving every single Sunday! Thank you God for loving me and placing me so perfectly in a ministry that steals my heart away and brings me closer to you each and every Sunday.


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