Here is January……and its gone.

I know I know it is a month into February! I have been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time to get on here and post anything about January. Well a couple interesting things happened in January.

  1. I turned 20 years old.
  2. Started spring semester at APU.
  3. Started new position as the Lead Lab Tech at IMT.
  4. And what I will be focusing most of this post on we started a new program at FBC in the Children’s Ministry.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, the good lucks for the new position, and all the prayers for the ministry. I am very excited to update you all so I will just jump in.

It has been almost a month since we started the program on January 13th to align with the Church Family launching their new focus for the year which is MOVE. The new program has been going absolutely wonderful. At first I was worried that we would not have the volunteers to run the ministry. God is a God of providence. No later had I and the two volunteers that we had prayed about it we started hearing of interest from different people willing to help out. How great is our God?! Anyways we were green to go on and so we started the new program and so far the kids and the volunteers have loved it! I never knew if I would be okay leading a bunch of volunteers but it has been an awesome challenge.

For those of you who are interested in what we implemented: Our Children’s Ministry runs on a two-hour system. The first hour is Large Group with all of the grades together doing activities such as the Bible Story, Crafts, Games and Memory Verse. The second hour is Small Group and the two classes (1-3 & 4-5) split up and go into their classrooms where they have small group time to go over prayer requests, the story, and discuss. This is different from prior to January where it was small group for both hours. Simply volunteers were being burnt out. So we shook it up by changing a lot but not going too extreme as to stress volunteers out. We implemented:

  • A new discipline model which is very simple yet strict. Basically the rules will be followed but there are only five rules so the kids aren’t struggling to follow all of the rules. Plus after having to take a rock out of the box twice they realize to correct their behavior. What is with the rock box? Well I don’t truly know either but they really like to put stones in to fill it up and taking them out of the box punishes them. Most likely if they are able to fill the box we will surprise them with something sweet. (All this is really thanks to Ms. Andrea and Mrs. Kerri from my past church home Pathway Church.)
  • A new volunteer culture: I am trying to build the culture into a friendship among all the volunteers which then will translate to the children. We have a meeting Sunday morning before the kids arrive in which we go over the schedule, prayer requests, pray for the kids, and also do the volunteer devotion that is included with our curriculum (whoo!)
  • Speaking of new Curriculum: we are using the Lifeway Gospel Project curriculum which goes through the whole bible over three years. Blair and I really struggled to find just the right curriculum for the direction that we wanted to go in. Overall I am very satisfied with this curriculum set. I love the “Big Picture Questions” and the “Christ Connection” in all of the lessons. Because really that is all we try to do- we want to connect these kids to Christ and we are doing that lesson by lesson as we show how the whole Bible correlates and is fulfilled with Christ.
  • One-on-One Discipleship: each volunteer has one-two children which they have chosen to engage with in particular. While all volunteers talk and hang out with all the children they have those children to specifically speak with and get to know. I think that it is important that for these children who just have such diverse home-lives have a save haven, a built in role model, a friend in our ministry. I want them to have fun and always feel safe.

This month things will be more solid as we have had a month to work these things out. I look forward to see how it all works out this month. I will keep updated on a more regular basis so that the posts will not have to be this long. That is pretty much all that has gone on this month. We are decorating the room to look like airplane! If you have any great ideas do share! Also I am planning out the Easter service for the kids and I know that there are more ways than just the way I grew up with. Share! Please!




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