A Showdown to the Greatest Disney-Pixar Creation.

Strangely enough I haven’t always liked Disney Movies. In fact I do not like most straight Disney movies. I LOVE Disney-Pixar however! It has been a love affair that started young! I recently broke down and purchased all of my favorites for Christmas this year and had me thinking about each and every one of these movies. Hence for my nonsense post this week I will be talking about what I consider to be a list in order of brilliance.  RTR= Rotten Tomatoes Rating

  1. Toy Story 1,2, & 3: RTR 99%

I might be biased, living perfectly in the age that is portrayed for Andy in this series but this third series was their masterpiece in my opinion. I literally grew up with Toy Story. The first movie came out when I was born and this last movie came out right as I was going to college. Great Marketing! The story itself was beautiful. The use of Barbie and Ken were perfect! Ha! At first Hasbro refused to let Barbie to be on the movie as Barbies personality is supposed to be based off of the owners perception not any showing of her but they did it perfectly breaking all Barbie boundaries and perceptions! They definitively didn’t pin her down. and Ken! Hahaha perfect portrayal! That scene at the junk yard was absolutely riveting and I don’t know if I am getting more emotional or what but I cried! This is one in three times that I have cried during a Pixar movie. You know they are doing something right to invoke those kinds of emotions from a cartoon movie.

  1. WALL-E: RTR 96%

I personally wasn’t a fan at first of WALL-E but as I continued to watch it over and over again I slowly fell in love with it. I am an avid Science Fiction fan so I knew that I would eventually grow to at least stand it. This is a great movie for many reasons. The love story is interesting but that is not the reason that I loved the movie. While I know that the love story is the primary plot I love the secondary plot and all its nods to science fiction history! Sputnik in the atmosphere- hilarious! The Autopilot?! Hilarious! I kept expecting him to say “I’m Sorry Dave, I just can’t do that” haha You could even tell that they were trying to play the obvious links between 2001: Space Oddessy and WALL-E. They play classical music as you are in space looking at the ship, or dancing. Obvious point to Kubrick’s use of it. The fish-eye perspective of Autopilot identical to HAL. Also I loved that this movie brought up all sorts of questions for the watchers: can robots gain sentience? Can robots love? Is that our future? etc.

2. Up: RTR 98%

A. Beautiful. Movie. This movie was visually stunning as well as the plot which was beautiful. The main character being a senior citizen was perfect. I watched this movie with my grandmother and she thought it was hilarious. You see real life here. And then go into the wild! This movie tackles rough issues in today’s society such as the loss of ones spouse, absent parents, corrupt business owners, realizing ones dreams and doing them! Not to mention this movie creates one of the most beautiful love stories that I have ever seen in four minutes. with no words. The first Pixar movie that made me cry.

3. Brave: RTR 78%

I loved Brave! I also happen to love Scotland however. Ha my favorite part has to be when all the dads are fighting and the mother just grabs their ears haha. “strive for..well.. PERFECTION!” ha My only problem with this movie is that the daughter didn’t seem to learn much other than crap! I turned my mother into a bear and now she will permanently be a bear! In the end I feel she gets it after her mother makes some sacrifices for her first. Typical teenagers ha. The third Pixar movie to make me cry. At the part where the mother bear is fighting Mordun to protect her daughter. Moving! Great movie.

4. Ratatouille: RTR 96%

Finally a movie that involves France in a good way! I really enjoyed this movie and I really liked the intricate civilization they created for the Rats and their lives. I think this is the only movie that successfully made Rat’s cute! Plus the scary critic character was great!

5. Finding Nemo: RTR 99%

A lot of people argue and think that Finding Nemo should be at the top but I am sorry I just wan’t all to impressed with this movie. Although I will admit that I laughed at the irony of the fish finally rolling to the ocean only to be trapped in the plastic bags! haha

6. Monsters, Inc.: RTR 96%

This seemed to start a trend of movies where the creators would take something that was supposed to be all scary and make it into something that the children would love! “Shrek, How To Train Your Dragon, etc” I did like the movie however I wasn’t too impressed with the story line.

7. The Incredibles: RTR 97%

I just didnt like it. A movie that didn’t leave an impression on me doesn’t make it a great movie. There are two things that I do remember from this movie and that is Edna Mode and the freeze guy asking his wife where his super suit was. Ha those were the only two redeeming moments for me.

8. A Bugs Life: RTR 92%

I personally loved this movie: the use of grasshoppers as the evil ones brought back memories of camp where we had songs about the grasshoppers but I couldn’t move this movie up because the story line in my mind just wasn’t powerful enough plus the movie that came out before it “ANTS” just stole the thunder on a story about well…ants.

9. Cars: RTR 74% / Cars 2: RTR 38%

These movies were horrible. I have no justification. I guess I could say that Cars wasn’t too bad but then they had to go and ruin it and make Cars 2 with a plot line that made no sense. And now they are going to ruin it again with “Planes”


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