Since When Has God Needed Proving?

Simple Google “proving God exists” and you will come up with millions of results of different people stating there opinions, answers, and rude comments on whether or not God exists. Debates are hot everywhere as to whether people are idiots or if they use reason to back up their theories. Of course, as no one likes being called anything below brilliant, things are said  people are told that they are ignorant, naive, or plain stupid for not seeing things the same way. On more than one occasion I have seen people’s conduct during these debates and couldn’t help shaking my head. I have always wondered: is it really THAT important that we prove God’s existence. Now I do not try to say that I hold any super intelligent idea and I sincerely hope that you will share your comments but after some soul searching on this idea I have come up with a personal policy that says “yes! As believers and followers of Christ we ought to prove God`s existence but not in the way that most people go about it.” I personally believe that it is not through science and reason that we ought to accomplish this.

DISCLAIMER: Calm down, I do not mean to discredit science and reason as effective tools in thinking critically about the nature of God’s existence, rather what I am clarifying is that it is my belief that in the case of reaching the world and sharing Christ with the lost using science and reason to argue a point is simply not the practical way. Here are the points that convinced me . I am sure they leave much to be commented on so please do!

Point #1: This problem of free-will.
Alright so follow me on this for awhile; God loved us his creation very much and desired that we would follow in his ways. However instead of making us robotic drones he gave us free-will. He gave this to us so that we might freely choose to follow him out of our love in return for our Creator. So what does this have to do with us trying to prove God’s existence? Everything! Suppose we are able to prove without a doubt 100% that God exists. We just eliminated our free will. While I am sure a few people on the earth would simply deny it nd say that it was all a huge conspiracy theory however in the end they still did not exercise true free will. Denying God`s existence would be akin to denying that your body needs oxygen to survive. You could ignore it and choose not to breathe but in the end you would die.

Point #2: This problem of faith.
A second problem I had with this growing need the people had for proof was that of faith. The word faith which is used 247 times in the bible is defined as “belief that is not based on proof.” Interestingly enough I cannot find a single verse that uses the word proof. Jesus even said “If you have the faith as small as even a mustard seed you can say to this mountain” move from here to there” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” He doesn’t say the mountain will move because you have proven that God exists so there is no way of denying that God can indeed move the mountain. He talks about faith.

Point #3: This problem of our mission of love.
When have you ever engaged in a heated argument and felt great affection for your opponent. Hardly ever. When Christ ascended into heaven he left us with The Great Commission: a task and a promise. The task: to go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name if the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe everything that I have commanded you. The promise: I am with you always, to the end of the age. Many people use this verse as a reason to really prove God’s existence and thus make disciples but look at how Christ himself made disciples: he didn’t prove anything! It was by his nature and love that he drew men to him and asked then to follow along. And what did he command us? To love, that the first were last, to help those in need, to examine ourselves before casting the stone, and much more. But nowhere do I find the command to convince the whole world that God exists through reason.

I cannot find any biblical proof that we are to do this. What I can find: Christ does want us to prove that God exists, through our actions to others, through the love we show, through the radically different lifestyles that we live and by the blessings we receive from being obedient to our Lord and Creator. Perhaps its time that we paid more attention to the way that we treat our neighbor and less to how fail proof our logic is on this matter. In the end God’s nature if going to be as elusive to understand as before but certain things remain constant: his great love for us, his sacrifice of his one son for our sake, and his desire for us to have a relationship with him. I can look at my life and the way that God has moved in it and that is enough proof for me. I believe that God truly exists and I need no scientific explanation for that. Experience will always trump an argument. I have always believed and always will believe in relational ministry.

One last thing to consider: if you were ( are) a non-believer and two friends were trying to convert you one friend simply told you of all the scientific proof and logical reasons to believe while the other friend was one who had shown you great mercy and love, lived a life which you could respect and spoke out of a deep relationship you two shared as friends which would you be more likely to believe?

Happy Hunting! XO

P.S. Again I am not discrediting science or reason for the critical though of religion simply arguing for the use of relational ministry in this particular situation. What is your opinion ? I would love to hear it!

P.P.S. I am not a scholar, theologian, or philosopher. Simply a college student offering up a musing. My opinions are flawed and human. Please keep that in mind.


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