Latin TV Shows, Books, and Movies

So there are quite a few movies, TV shows, and books out there that are geared towards those who are learning Latin here are just a few that I personally would highly recommend!

I, Claudius- this fiction novel written by Robert Graves is a great book and part of a series. If you really like I, Claudius I would suggest moving on to Claudius the God and his Wife Messalina. The series is truly entertaining though be warned as this series is also very graphic as it describes the demented emporers that took the throne (cough cough Caligula). You can find this series on Amazon by clicking this link.

Sand of the Arena- This book follows the life of a gladiator as he fights in the ring at the beginning of the book however war breaks out and he is recruited to fight in a division of the army that is made up entirely of Gladiators. He was very close to getting out of the Gladiator games but now he is thrown right back into it to fight as a mercenary. You can find it on Amazon by clicking this link.

TV Shows

ROME- A two season HBO show this series chronicles the life of Augustus through showing in detail the war between Caesar and Pompey all the way to his seizing of the throne after Julius Caesar’s assassination  I would say that if you  wanted to watch a good chronicle of the emperor’s watch Rome first and then follow with I, Claudius to get one long plot-line. You can purchase ROME here.

I, Caligula- This BBC show based off of the book by Robert Graves is a great show! it showed on the BBC channel in the 1970s so the special effects aren’t great but the plot-line is superb. You can’t help but feel sorry for these elite members finding their unfortunate ends. You can watch I, Claudius for free on Youtube Simply search I, Claudius Episode 1.

Masada- This TV show talks about the Roman Seige on Masada after the Jews rebel and hide out up there. I haven’t watched this whole show but I have seen parts of it and it seemed very interesting. The best part of this show is its main song.


Clash of the Titans (original)- I love the original bad sound effects and all. I loved how this one actually followed somewhat the mythology correctly. Also I loved the bronze owl! Gizmo!

Clash of the Titans (Remake)- I couldn’t stand this version. It didn’t follow the plot line of the first and it didn’t stay faithful to mythology at all. STUPID if my opinion. Also the whole angst between Perseus and father was ridiculous.

The Immortals- I actually enjoyed this version though. It is lots of fun to watch and although it didn’t stick to the correct mythology it didn’t deny it so much that I was screaming at the TV. Plus the casting for the parts were much much MUCH more realistic. I would recommend picking this movie up.

The Eagle- Alright when it comes to Roman history and seeing it portrayed correctly the Eagle is my favorite! I absolutely loved Channing Tatum’s performance in this movie whereas sometimes in other movies I find him a bore. This movie was done well and even involved some Latin! Woohoo!


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